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Команды чата


/s (Say - Local area around you only)
/y (Yell - Global chat)
/p (Party - Only players in your party will see it)
/g (Guild - Only guild members will see it)
/w PlayerName (Will whisper PlayerName so only they can see it)

Useful commands:
/trace - Shows your current latency or ping
/fps - Shows current frames per second (Thanks Relandi)
/pos - Displays your current coordinates
/help - Displays a list of most commands (Thanks Felix)
/trade Playername - Allows you to open a trade window with Playername if you are within range of it. You can also leave your cursor on a player and just type /trade
/invite Playername - Invites player name to a group (Careful with using this as it will crash the client sometimes)
/cls - Clears the chat screen for better screenshot taking